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Robinsons Place Residence by Robinsons Land boasts off an impressive array of facilities and amenities. It is a standard for any Robinsons development to include a wide range of amenities that would fit into your lifestyle. At the same time, these amenities add more value to your investment as it also increases the functionality of the space and makes it more desirable in the rental market (for the property investors). 

Residents won’t need to go elsewhere when looking to relax, unwind, or get active. There are plenty of amenities available within the condominium building to facilitate for your needs. But before anything else, the condominium also comes with a few standard features that you would expect to find. The first of that is the 24-hour security that is available all throughout the building. There are security guards that will inspect every individual that passes through the entrance door. Meanwhile, there are also roving guards that monitor the entire premises of the building to ensure the safety of the unit owners. 

When it comes to the leisure facilities and amenities, Robinsons Place Residence does not disappoint. You can expect the standard recreational amenities such as a swimming pool. You can head to the swimming pool area whenever you want to practice some laps or take a leisurely swim. The pool is open for all residents to use. But if you prefer a Jacuzzi experience, there is one available at this condominium as well. It is the perfect way to cap off a busy day at work or to rejuvenate your body for the weekend.

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi area has its own shower room facilities. There are also locker rooms wherein you can keep your personal belongings secure while you go out for a swim. These facilities make it convenient to go for a swim and keep your items secure. 

Aside from the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, there is also a fitness gym available at Robinsons Place Residence. You can head to the gym if you are in need of a quick sweat session. The fitness gym is fully equipped with all of the workout machines and weights you need to stay in shape. Since this facility is available for free for the residents of Robinsons Place Residence, you can save a lot from your monthly gym membership. 

If you want to exercise and be able to enjoy a bit of nature as well, you can also take advantage of the jogging paths provided. This is an ideal facility to enjoy for those who like to seek out an active and fit lifestyle. And speaking of keeping fit, a sauna is also available within the condominium building’s list of facilities. Make sure you take advantage of that as well!

For families who are living in Robinsons Place Residence, you can take advantage of the amenities that are designed to fit your lifestyle. For instance, there is the children’s day care area. This is the ideal place to bring your child to while you leave for work for the day.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Play Room
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